A magnetic motor generator can produce free energy of up to several kilowatts which is usually enough to power most homes. What is the theory behind this technology? How does a magnetic motor generator work? Finally, how can you generate your own kilowatts using this technology? All is revealed below.

What Is The Science Behind This Technology?

This technology originates from a specialized field of “fringe” physics known as zero point. Albert Einstein studied this area and before him, Nikola Tesla dedicated half of his life to it (he is considered the “grandfather of electricity”).

Zero point says that it is possible to obtain energy from sources that are not fossil fuels not renewables such as solar or wind power. It says that there is “radiant energy” all around us that can be harnessed.

In fact, radiant energy has been known about for some time. It is no more than the energy of electromagnetic waves. Light is one such wave and this radiant energy can be harnessed via solar panels. However, there are other forms of radiant energy too and these are ever-present and can be tapped into, without limit.

How Does A Magnetic Motor Generator Work?

These generators consist of a rotor that is surrounded by strategically placed magnets (usually made of neodymium). This configuration allows for the tapping into of the radiant energy.

When at rest, the motor is obviously in a state of equilibrium, like any other stationary object. If it is then given a kick-start (either by pushing it manually or using a starter battery), it will rapidly accelerate to a new equilibrium velocity where the forces of friction due to air resistance and at the bearings are counteracted by those provided by the magnets.

Thus, a self-sustaining motion is set up and this can be converted into electricity. Even though power generation places and additional load on the rotor, this is counteracted by the magnets.

Some people call this a perpetual motion machine but that is not strictly true because the rotor and bearings must be serviced periodically and the batteries replaced every few years.

How Can I Generate My Own Power Now Using A Magnetic Motor?

Currently there are no commercial models available but they should be available within the next 5 years. This does not help if you want to stop paying your power bills right away.

Instead of waiting, you can create your own motor. Conceptually they are quite simple but they can be hard to develop, configure, test and tweak if you decide to go it alone without any assistance.

It is a far better idea to invest a nominal sum (around $50) on a set of solid, reliable, easy to understand plans that have been tried and tested before. This will mean that you can get a device up and running in a matter of days rather than months or years. You actually save much more money this way because you quit paying your power bills much sooner.


Source by Scott Harris