Magura Expands E-Competence in Suspension Sector elektrorad

Germany – Magura presents an upside down suspension fork es­pecially for eMTBs at Eurobike (Hall A2-205). With its new Boltron sus­pension fork, Magura is expanding its e-competence in the suspension sector. In cooperation with WP, the upside-down experts, the company brought suspension competence from the moto­cross sector in house.elektrorad
Important eBike and eMTB
“The eBike and eMTB market is an important market for Magura and its products. Alongside the MT and HS braking sys-tems, which are already well received in this segment, our aim now is to also demonstrate and provide our a-competence in the suspension sector,” explains Michael Funk, director at Magura. elektrorad

Similarities with motocross motorbikes
Modern eMTBs increasingly have more and more similarities with motocross motorbikes. Higher speeds and higher weight require special bearing technologies for increased braking stiffness and optimum absorption of the braking forc­es. elektrorad

Optimum chassis suspension system for eMTBs
The result, when combined with the Magura MT? or MT5, is an optimum chassis suspension system for eMTBs. Even before Eurobike, interest is already high with customers such as KTM and Haibike already presenting their first models equipped with the Magura Boltron.?elektrorad