Taiwan – Merida is stepping up its e-bike production in Taiwan. Volume wise Taiwan’s bicycle industry suffered substantial declines in export last year, including Merida. However, as a member of the former A-Team, Merida holds on to the strategy of investments in added value to ex-pand its business.Merida elektro fahrrad
Mid 2016 Merida’s new e-bike factory in Taiwan was fully up and running with a monthly capacity of 10,000 e-bikes. “However to fulfill demand for the booming e-bike market in Europe, Merida is currently constructing a second floor on the e-bike factory to grow the pro-duction,” said Peter Koperdraad of Merida Benelux. “This new floor is expected to be ready by the end of this year resulting in a total e-bike production capacity of 25,000 units per month.”Merida elektro fahrrad

Shimano is an important supplier for the Merida e-bike range and the Taiwanese manufacturer adjusted its e-bike development, including the frames, with the product life cycle of Shimano Steps.Merida elektro fahrrad