Going out on that weekend cycling adventure on your mountain bike? You may want to bring along a few accessories which may come in handy when the need arises. The popularity of mountain bike accessories have increased during the past couple of years, making them the most thoughtful after products in the cycling world after bicycle parts. Although some of these accessories are just there to add color, life, or decoration to your mountain bike or to your outfit, there are really some which are perceived to be really essential tools for every cycling enthusiast.

Among the bike essential accessories that a cycling enthusiast must have, perhaps nothing comes close to the importance of the bicycle helmet. It is without a doubt everyone will agree that every cycling enthusiast must have a bicycle helmet whenever he is riding his mountain bike. The reason is quite easy to determine. You can never really predict accidents which may happen when you are on the road. As the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry, right?

Another essential accessory that a cycling enthusiast must wear is eye protectors. These will protect your eyes, not only the glare of the sun, but also from the small airborne particles that may find its way inside your eye and cause harm, or worse, damage. There are a lot of available eye protectors for cycling enthusiasts. You can always carry two with you, one for overcast skies and one for sunny days. If you have some extra money to spend, you can also get those eye protectors that change color, from light to dark, depending on anticipating weather conditions.

Still, another important accessory that every bike enthusiast must have is mountain bike gloves. This particular useful accessory would accord your hand a great deal of protection, particularly on difficult trails which may cause you to grip the mountain bike handlebars more firmly. If you do not have any bike gloves, gripping the handles can be quite painful and may even affect your concentration. Furthermore, mountain bike gloves also protect your hands from dangerous cuts and scratches in case of minor accidents.

Other important accessories that a cycling enthusiast should have are water bottle carriers, first aid kits, and essential tools like wrenches and pliers. Hydration is important since you will unduly need water as you go along the trail. The need to bring along first aid kits is already self-explanatory. Wrenches and pliers, on the other hand, is your insurance against any type of repair which your mountain bike might require when you are on the trail.


Source by Suzie Sanchez