There is a large variety of mountain bike bikes out there, and the best one suited for you would depend on what you plan to do because this will determine the requirements you need from the bike.

Most of the mountain bike bikes are built for rough riding and endurance. Some of these specialized bikes have twenty-six inch wheels while others have twenty-nine inch wheels. The wider wheels make the mountain bike sturdier and safer for riding in rough terrain.

There are also some lightweight mountain bikes designed for climbing and fast acceleration while still being able to absorb the shock of rough riding.

Have you ever thought about just hopping on a bike and seeing the country? How "free" and invigorating it must feel! I know there are people doing it all the time and I'm sure, to be able to do that, they have to have a decent mountain bike.

If you take a vacation by car, take note of how many vehicles you pass that have bicycles strapped to their cars. This gives one an idea of ​​how popular riding a bike is and how much people love to ride, even while on vacation!

There are so many types of mountain bike bikes out there that anyone is sure to find the one that would suit their particular needs. If you are one of those people that love to ride where you go, even while on vacation, there are actually good quality mountain bikes that fold up as small as 3 feet by 3 feet by 1 foot that fit conveniently into anyone's trunk without the expense of buying a bike rack or the hassle of mounting a rack on your car and then strapping the bike to it.

When you go on vacation, there are certainly places that will rent you bikes to ride, but it is better to use a bike that you are used to riding and more times than not, the bikes you rent are not "quality" bikes.

Not only is bike riding a fun pastime, it is also a very healthy one! The exercise you can get from riding a bike, whether it be on flat roads or inclines, bicycling will give you a cardiovascular workout as well as strength training for your legs. It is a great family activity because kids love to ride bikes as well, and with a good quality mountain bike for the kids as well as for yourself, the bikes would last for a good long time.

No matter where you want to ride a bike, there is a mountain bike that serves that particular need. It is astounding to look at all the different varieties, styles, and types of mountain bike bikes that are on the market today. You know the saying "there is someone for everyone out there"? Well, there certainly is a mountain bike for every individual out there as well!


Source by Bende Trott