The market is witnessing a flurry of new product walks, each with its own unique selling proposition. It is becoming increasingly tougher for a beginner to figure out which bike will best serve its requirements. Interestingly, mountain bikers have a huge presence on the World Wide Web. Specialized magazines on mountain bikes and mountain biking as a sport are available as well.

Mountain biking websites and magazines provide a wonderful variety of information for all types of mountain bikers, ranging from the seasoned professionals to beginners. Most websites and magazines review the latest bikes and also offer a data bank of information with details about available bike models, prices and user comments. Each website or magazine usually has its own criteria for judging a bike. Along the basic description of the bike and its parts, reviews contain a detailed analysis of all the features of a bike. New bikes are test ridden by experts and the test results are published for the benefit of consumers. Often websites and magazines compare a number of bikes on key criteria and provide ratings along with their recommendations. This can be a big help to anyone interested in purchasing a bike.

Forums are an important part of mountain biking websites because they allow users to post their experiences, reviews as well as their complaints. Reading these posts can be an educating experience; the sheer number of posts on almost all topics related to mountain bikes is simply mind boggling.

Some of the mountain bikes that have recently received good reviews include the Mongoose Tech 4 Full Suspension Men's Mountain Bike, the 2005 Iron Horse Warrior Elite Mountain Bike with dual suspension, the Honda 26 In Dual Suspension Mountain Bike and the Schwinn 26 "Men's Aluminum Comp Mountain Bike.


Source by Kevin Stith