I have talked about the importance of having Bicycle Lights in other articles. Now I'm reviewing the lights that I have been using for the last two winters, the Nite Rider MiNewt X2 Dual LED Bicycle Lights. Before I had these lights I would ride my bicycle on trails with no lights at all. I could make the trail OK even if there was not a moon at all. But every once in a while I would run over a large branch that had fallen off a tree that I never saw coming. I never crashed because of this but it did scare the crap out of me. But even events like those did not convince me that I needed light.

What did convince me that I needed lights was a night with no moon light (in other words, no light at all) I was on my way home from a long ride. I was traveling pretty fast when all of a sudden I came up on some one with his dog. I did not know how many people where there or how many dogs where there so I slammed on my brakes and stopped. I ended up stopping pretty close to the dog and it bit me in the leg. If I had lights I probably would have seen him and his dog but he certainly would have seen me coming and he could have choked up on the dogs leash and I would have not been bitten.

OK, enough about why I bought the lights that I bought and on to what I think about the "Nite Rider MiNewt X2 Dual LED Bicycle Lights". These light are incredible, with them you can see 20 to 30 feet in front of you which is more than adequate for bicycling. The first time I used them I was amazed at how well they lit up the trails. Even in the low setting there is more than enough light to keep you safe.

These lights have three settings: High, Low, and Flash. The High setting gives you 300 lumens for one hour and forty five minutes. On the Low setting you get 184 lumens for three hours and thirty minutes. There are no specs for the Flash setting. Plus there is a low battery warning, the lights on the lights and on the battery change from blue to red.

One thing that I must mention is the fact that the lights no longer last as long as they did when they were new. If I let the battery sit for a couple of days after charging it and use it on a bike ride some times close to the end of the ride the low battery warning comes on. And this is when I have the lights on the low setting and the ride last from 1.5 hours to 1.75 hours. So the battery is losing so of it's capacity. But you can purchase a new battery from the manufacturer or your local bike shop for about 1/3 of the price of the whole lighting system.

One thing that I feel is important to share is about the charger for this system. The charger will shut itself off once the battery is fully charged. You can buy cheaper versions of this system that do not automatically shut down but if you charge the battery it can damage it. If you think you can watch the charger and disconnect it when it's finished charging then you might want to consider saving some money. But if you damage the battery they are rather expensive to replace, so keep that in mind when choosing your bicycle light.

In conclusion, I am very happy with these lights and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is or thinking of riding their bicycle at night. They light up the roads or trails very well and last long enough for almost any ride.


Source by Dennis Gertgen