For anyone who is just about to start pinstriping it is important that they understand the basics of this art form. Firstly when it comes to pinstriping in order to create a design that is perfect you will need to select colors that stand out and which will help your vehicle to stand out from the rest. Ideally you should be looking at the base color of your vehicle and then choosing the pinstriping colors which will complement it.

After selecting the colors the next thing you need to decide upon is how the pinstriping is going to be applied to the vehicle. Today people who want to add a unique look to their vehicle using this art form can either do so using templates, stencil tape or by drawing the design freehand. But each one of these comes with their own particular advantages and disadvantages.

Certainly of the methods being used to apply pinstriping to vehicles templates are proving the most popular. The simple reason being is that these allow you to create perfect designs at all times. Plus as these adhere well to the surface of the vehicle it allows you to use both hands and so it makes it far easier to apply the design you want.

However, if you would like more of a challenge but do not feel skilled enough to do the design freehand then using stencil tape is your best option. This method allows you the opportunity to work freehand but offers you an outline that ensures that all times you create the perfect pinstripe on your vehicle. Another advantage of using this type of pinstriping method instead of templates or doing it freehand is you do not need to wait for the first color to dry before you begin applying the next.


Source by Steve Murray