Pocket bike racing is becoming a widespread underground hobby across North America. Both in the US and Canada, there are a plethora of mini motorcycle racing clubs that get together to organize events and discuss pocket bike news.

One of the best things about mini bike racing as a hobby is the simple affair of upgrading bikes. Pocket bikes generally run on two or four-stroke engines, and these are very easy to maintain. There are also literally tons of after market parts available for these little engines, ranging from big bore kits, to rocket keys to advance the timing of the flywheel. This wide variety makes upgrading bikes a very deep and variable hobby. Just from looking at someones bike, it is impossible to tell all the work they have put into the engine.

Pocket bikes are also really great way for youngger kids to comprehend basic engine theory, as there is nothing simpler than a two-stroke engine, as the engine is self lubricating, and removing the cylinder basically turns the engine into a diagram.

There are several sites on the internet devoted to finding mini motorcycle enthusiasts and getting them to join racing clubs or other organizations. These organizations offer a great way to get into the mini motorcycle culture, and connect with other riders and enthusiasts. This enable the first hand distribution of information about pocket bike modding, and mini bike models and their performance. These organizations also often pool resources in order to buy time on local tracks, or can organize large events on private property, offering a style of racing unavailable to the standard consumer who buys their bike and rides it alone on their own property, or with a small number of friends.


Source by Doug R Swanson