Polar heart rate monitors are most trusted for their excellent timing and training advantage. Most athletes as well as sports and health enthusiasts train with a Polar watch because of its excellent fitness and training monitoring functions. With over 30 different models available in the market, the brand offers a wide selection of heart monitors that can be strapped to the handlebars of your bicycle, giving you a fine range of Polar monitors for cyclists.

Polar heart rate monitors for cyclists simply give you a cycling computer and a computer, all in one compact and wearable unit. This way, it immediately provides you with valuable feedbacks on and off your bike. Some of the models are given wireless functions in monitoring speed, distance and heart rates as well as pacing rates while you train. For cardio focused workouts, this gives you an advantage in getting maximum training and fitness potential.

This Polar watch range also gives you functions like calorie expenditure calculator, fitness tests and automatic target zone monitoring function, which presents a perfect training gadget for cross-trainers, beginner triathletes and fitness cyclists as well as cyclists who simply wanted to stay in shape.

The range of Polar watches that are intended for cyclists are designed to meet with the demands of the kind of training you want to undertake. It even saves training data as well as feedback, which can be sent to your home PC for your training logs. This way, you get to your training starts in examining your target zones and detecting your stress level and recovery through tests of your pedal rev, distance, altitude, power output, ascents and ascents as well as your route for filing. Also, this way, you get to adjust and set your target zones according to your preferences.

One thing about Polar heart rate monitors is that they can world flawlessly under all conditions. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to follow or use. It comes with free Polar web software, which enables you to run tests to analyze your training data and update some of your Polar watch's function features.

On the other hands, there are minor problems encountered with Polar watches. Sometimes, its wireless data transfers take more time to setup and complete compared to the wired ones. Also, some models do not have the ability to pause recording whenever there is a sudden change in the speed, which could be bought by the need to stop during the traffic or any other circumstance. This in turn dilutes your average speed, heart rates and overall cadence.

The cyclists' range of Polar heart rate monitors has a lot to offer. For instance, Polar CS600X presents a training evolution in bringing G3 and GPS sensor features to your usual heart rate monitor-sports watch functions. The Polar CS300, CS100 and CS200cad combine body feedback and cycling data, working with a wireless cadence sensor.

The Polar FT40, FT60 and FT80 models are available in male and female models, offering all cyclists a devoted training partner and intelligent training computer in recording your training data. Polar RS800CX is a limited Pro Team edition that is intended for serious cyclists that gives you a training computer and heart rate monitor that has a substantial understanding of what your training needs.

Here, Polar heart rate monitors simply designed to adapt to your training requirements to help you stay motivated in improving your fitness and cycling performance.


Source by Greg Hunter