I attended the INTERBIKE trade show in Las Vegas and noticed that Fat tire bikes are starting to become all the craze right now in the mountain bike world.

I am part of that craze because I bought one for my wife for her birthday this summer lol.

I love them. The are like jeeps. They can go over sand and snow unlike thinner tire bikes that just dig in and sink and get stuck.

With the recent advancements in li-on batteries, the performance of electric bikes has become impressive. This has resulted in a surge in e-bikes.

Many companies are offering factory e-bikes while many people opt to just buy an electric hub motor kit and install it on their favorite pre-owned bike.

Its not for lazy people. It allows you to go up hills and or extend your range without getting burned out. More fun is always good!

The nice thing too is that if the battery dies after 20 miles…you can still ride the bike like a normal bike. A dead battery doesn’t bog you down. Some actually have regeneration technology so if you use up all your power going up a big hill…you can regenerate your battery on the ride down and it acts like an engine brake so you dont burn up your disk brakes.