Li Jinhua, who came to Fujian from the United States in 1993, is 68 years old this year. For the past 20 years, he has been riding an electric bicycle for most of the time in the streets of Midtown Manhattan.


“I am here today to ask the New York City government to legalize electric bicycles,” Li Jinhua said at a rally calling for the legalization of electric bicycles in the Garden of the City Hall yesterday (23rd). “We have to work, to eat, riding an electric bicycle is not a crime, it is a means of transportation, it is very important to us.”

Because the City Council was going to hold a hearing to discuss two proposals for making electric skateboards and electric bikes legal on New York’s roads, Ydanis Rodriguez, chairman of the City Council’s Transportation Committee, presided over the rally before the hearing.

Many outsourcing lang from various immigrant communities came to support. They held a magnified copy of the ticket with the words “Broken bicycle system”; another person held a picture in front of a Western-American takeaway lang standing outside the mayor Bai Sihao’s house. He carried a lunch box in his hand and leaned against an electric bicycle. Obviously he was giving the mayor a takeaway.

Li Jinhua said that especially after he got sick in 9/11, it was the only job he had to do with a labor-saving electric bicycle. By relying on this job, he could support his family. “If you use a bicycle to take delivery, not to mention physical strength, now riding an electric bicycle for 30 mph is too slow; if the bicycle arrives in half an hour, the guest is not hungry?” Although he has retired, he has joined the Chinese. Mutual Aid Association, came out to speak out for the use of electric bicycles.

According to the data of his organization, there are only 8,000 Chinese restaurants in New York City. Each store has an average of 3 delivery electric bicycles, which sell 50 to 80 single-days a day. The Guangzhong restaurant serves 400,000 New Yorkers every day. Therefore, if the electric bicycle is illegally carried out, the affected population will be large.

City Councilman Rafael Espinal proposed a proposal to legalize electric bicycles five years ago, but the proposal has been under discussion. “Today, hundreds of thousands of takeaway langs face NYPD’s fines. They are all working hard New Yorkers!…so we have to let this proposal move forward and let the electric bikes and electric scooters be legally used on the streets of New York.” .

The city councillor Carlos Menchaca, representing the 8th Avenue of Brooklyn, was present to the people of his constituency, including numerous Chinese restaurants for the rights of the franchise. Traffic alternatives such as “Traffic Replacement”, the Asian American League, and various immigrant representatives also participated in the rally and expressed their support for the legalization of electric bicycles.