Project Description

20 inch folding ebike with 250W/350W motor EB1


Motor:High speed brushless geared
Battery:36V 8.8Ah/10.4Ah/11.6Ah
Speed:25Km/h or 32Km/h
Range :35-45Km
Max Load:120kgs
Front Fork:Suspension or alloy/steel fork


Before we begin, Your electric-assisted or 20 inch folding e-bike works reliably under all weather conditions, although an excessive water exposure could damage the electronics and/or the electric motor. Never touch the electronics on the e-bike with wet hands and never touch the plus and minus poles at the same time, as the strong short-circuit current could cause injury. The batteries used are subject to weather in fluences. Cold temperatures can affect battery performance. The performance of the batteries can decrease by up to 1/3 in below-zero temperatures. Please remember that your range will decrease if you ride in winter. When the temperature reaches 20°C/68°F again, the batteries will revert to full performance. Never attempt to repair electronics on the e-bike yourself, always ask a specialist in the event of a problem.

A powerful, high speed 250W/350W motor integrated in the rear hub along with a Shimano 7-speed drives the E-Bike up and down and around.

A Samsung/LG 36V battery pack is hidden and secured inside the frame.  It’s easily removable and can be charged in or out of the bike.

Some additional innovative features to make your commute safe and convenient include reflective fenders, anti-puncture tires with reflective safety line, oversized seatpost quick release and an integrated USB charger for keeping everything juiced!

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