Project Description

 CA2 electric scooter is perfect for adults


  • Speed:25km/h
    Driving mileage:10-12km
    Max load: 120kg
    Tire size::5inch
    with 24V4.4Ah Chinese battery
    POWER: 250w
    Climbing ability:20°
    570 pcs/20CNT 1230/40″CNT 1430/40HQ

The CA2 electric scooter is perfect for adults looking for a way to simplify their local commutes. This scooter features a 24/36-volt high-capacity lithium ion battery. These battery types generally provide enhanced dependability with an increased lifespan.

This scooter has a bright LED light at the front that easily lights your path for night time travel. It also has a great display that shows things like your current battery charge level, your speed, and your current gear.

One of the best features of this scooter is its weight. The entire scooter is just over 7kgs and folds in just four easy steps. This makes it a top pick for easy transport and storage. The reduced weight is due to the frames unique construction and composition. It is made of alloy which provides excellent durability while also decreasing its weight.

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