Project Description

2017 Fast Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard SK4


Model: SK-4
Motor type: High performance Waterproof Hub motor
Product Dimension(mm): 960*250*120
Net weight (KG): 7.2 KG
Package Dimension (mm): 970*330*175
Wheel type: PU 80AA
Wheel size(mm): 80*52mm
Truck size(inch): 7 inch
Deck Material: Full carbon fiber
Max load Capacity(KG): 120KG
Max speed(KM/H): 30-35KM/H  WITH loading 75kg
Grade ability(%): 30%
Battery type: LG Lithium battery 
Standard voltage(V): 36V
Capacity of battery(Ah): 6.6Ah
Max driving distance(KM): 15-20KM
Type of motor: Brushless DC motor with Hall 
Rated power(W): Dual 800W
Max speed(rpm): 2200rpm
Rate voltage(V): 36V
Input voltage(V): 42V
Output current(A): 2A
Charging time(H): 2H
Remote control: 2.4G wireless technology
Drive type: Double hub motor Rear Driving
Brake type: E-ABS


2017 Fast Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard SK4

Water Proof IPx7 in Wheel Hub Motor

High torque & Explosive power

Heat dissipation holes on the cap

Water proof and dust proof

Changeable PU tyre

High speed with low noise

Battery inside the Deck

All in one deck design makes electric skateboard looks like traditional skateboard because electronics hidden inside enclosure. Easy to change your battery if battery goes bad, just unscrew the lid and change a new one.

For DIYers you can put all your electronics inside the quad, no need to build a new battery housing under skateboard deck. Save you much time!

Full Carbon Fiber T700

Deck made of pure T700 carbon fiber with high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, good conductivity, and high temperature resistance.

Much thinner and lighter

We never use carbon like material nylon as carbon fiber.

 One Click Update Mobile App 

You don’t need to buy another new skateboard now!

One click update in mobile app takes your skateboard electronics update in one minute.

Adjustable speed and braking, set you speed and braking level at whatever you want.

 Advanced FOC controller
Small size suitable for most boards
Self developed design and technology

BMS protection for safety use

Optional 10C rating polymer lithium battery

Never catch fire

Motor PU durometer 78AAA 
45 steel layer inside PU tire to prevent heat melting
Easy to change the PU with small investment

Smooth accelerating and braking

Ergonomics design, 2.4G wireless technology

Release the thumb slider, speed down, not braking


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