Project Description


Thank you for purchasing your KOCASS SK3 and SK3-A,the SK3(SK3-A) is a high performance electric longboard which comes with dual hub motors,a specially designed controller and a removable battery pack.
This vehicle is not a is imperative that you analyse these instructions closely and take the warnings seriously,misuse or lack of concentration can lead to fatal injuries. Begin from here,read through this booklet and then enjoy your ultimate commuting solution.



2017 HOT Electric Skateboard with remote for adult and kids from KOCASS Technology


User Instructions

1.1 Safety driving instructions
The security warnings and considerations in this manual are very important, skateboarding is a dangerous sport and when motorized the danger vastly increases. There are a variety of risks to be aware of in when using this electric skateboard, it is vital that you carefully read and understand the information completely before using this product.
(1 )This product must not be used while under the influence of any kind of drugs or alcohol. Intoxication impairs your perception, your ability to make decisions and your ability to control. It is extremely hazardous to yourself and those around you.
(2) Be sure to wear protective equipment, such as a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. You should also wear suitable clothes when driving.
(3) Users must be above 16 and no more than 120KG. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by parents to use this product.
(4) Don’t touch the motor while in use or soon after riding as it may be hot and can cause burns.
(5) This product is designed to be used by those with previous long boarding experience, however if you are a novice user you can begin with the novice acceleration mode with extreme care.
(6) Abide by local laws and regulations. Only use the electric skateboard where permitted.

(7) Use this product carefully, hitting obstacles in the process of driving may cause the rider to lose control. Be cautious of pedestrians and other vehicles (such as: skateboards, scooters, bicycles, cars etc.)
(8) The skateboard must be used in open space, in the interest of safety avoid using the board in crowded and busy places.
(9) Don’t do any tricks on an electric skateboard, such as: jumping, sudden braking, slides and so on.
(10) Only one person should use this board at a time, the board is not designed to take passengers.
(11) Don’t use the electric skateboard on steps/stairs or beside water.
(12) Don’t touch the motor, wheels or any other moving parts.
(13) Don’t use a phone or a headset when driving.
(14) Don’t submerge the board in water. The electronic unit would get damaged and such damage is not under warranty.
(15) The skateboard can be only used on the flat and open road. Please don’t go over potholes, gravel, muddy, uneven terrains or ramps. Don’t drive on slippery grounds such as snow, ice or water, as the board may slip.
(16) Don’t use the skateboard at night or in the case of poor visibility.
(17) Don’t use this product on the carpet or other surfaces where it is not suitable to drive.
(18) Don’t use this skateboard in poor weather conditions.
(19) Please don’t drive if you feel unwell.
(20) The board is not suitable for those with visual impairments.
(21) Don’t attempt to take the board or battery on an aeroplane.
(22) Charge the battery of the board and remote fully before use.
(23) Be aware, due to: dead remote battery, dropping the remote, downhill overcharging on a fully charged battery and radio interference can all cause loss of power and breaking. If the board has full power drain the battery by driving uphill or on flat land first before attempting to break going downhill, If the battery is over charged the board will power off to protect itself, loosing power while going downhill can be extremely dangerous as the brakes will not work, be very aware of this.
(24) Be very careful when using this board at maximum speed, collisions, slipping or loss of breaking ability may cause serious injury and even death.
(25) Always ride within your ability, only ride at speeds you are comfortable with.
(26) You don’t have the right of way on the road and also be aware that cars and pedestrians won’t be expecting you to be going at the speeds the board can achieve.
(27) Please keep the skateboard away and out of sight of children.

Hardware maintenance

(1) Please go to the manufacturer designated dealer or repair shop for maintenance when the accessories need to be replaced or repaired.
(2) Wheel: Check wheel wear conditions, the wheels must be replaced when they are seriously worn out as they lose traction.
(3) Power supply: Please turn off the power when the skateboard is not in use. Don’t put the product in a place where the temperature is below zero, otherwise it will cause permanent damage to the battery. Please use the original charger for charging. Please replace it when the charger is damaged.
(4) Remote controller: Check the remote control’s batteries status. You must charge it before use if necessary.
(5) Before each ride complete a pre ride inspection to check the drive and trucks attachment, the wheels do not wobble, the remote is working properly and all components are damage free.