The first step to clean up your bearings is to have all the parts together. You will need some cleaning agents, and some bearing lubricant. You can find this stuff in your local skateshop or hardware store.

Next, you will need the tools – in this case, you need a socket wrench or skate tool to remove the wheels from the Board. You will be able to use the axle as a tool when it comes time to remove the wheel bearings, so you do not need a bearing remover.

Now, you have the tools, so take off the skateboard wheels. Once the wheel is removed, you will need to pry out of the wheel the bearings.

Once you remove the bearings, you need to take out their shield, exposing the inside of the ball bearing. Use a sharp razor blade or needle point. This step should be careful – you may destroy the shield.

It's OK, if you end up ruining the shield. If you can keep your shield, you will not have to worry about the bearings as much in the future, but they'll work fine without a shield.

Time to clean bearings. If your bearings came with a kit to clean, and then follow the instructions provided. If not, just put your bearings back in a bowl or cup of their cleaning fluid.

Once the bearings are dry, you'll need to lube them up with your bearing lube and replace the shields (if you have not ruined them, that is.) You only need a tiny amount of lube, so follow the instructions and don 't overdo it. 2 or 3 drops should be plenty.

With the lube applied and the shields in place, your bearings are clean. Pop them back onto your trucks and you're ready to go.


Source by Raphael Clarke