BMX riding is an exciting sport. However, you should pay special attention to the BMX equipment which is an important part of BMX riding.

Your BMX bike should be according to the type of riding you are doing. There are special BMX bikes for BMX racing, dirt jumping and freestyle. So, choose your BMX bike wisely. Besides this, your BMX bike should not have reflector brackets, chain guard, fenders and kickstand. This is for your own safety so make sure your BMX bikes does not these.

Never attempt getting on your BMX bike without a helmet. There are two styles of helmets available and you can choose anyone one. There is the traditional bucket style helmet and the full face helmet. Make sure your helmet has proper padding to cushion a blow to your head if you should fall. Price of bucket style helmets starts from $30 while full helmets start from $80.

In BMX racing, besides your head, you also have to protect your elbows and knees. Make sure you invest in good quality elbow and knee pads which are especially designed for BMX racing. Usually elbow pads cost around $18 while knee pads costs between $19 and $35.

If you are in BMX racing, freestyle or dirt jumping, you will be spending a lot of time on the ground! That is why it is important to wear long-sleeve shirts (or t-shirts) and pants (or jeans). The key is to protect your body as much as possible from getting hurt. The next BMX equipment that you should invest in is closed-toed shoes.

Do not forget to get a bike repair kit. Buy a kit that allows you do most of the repairs on your bike and always keep it handy. Most bike repair kits should have repair tools, a patch kit and an air pump.

Once you have all the protective and important equipment for BMX bikes, you are all set to go.


Source by Kum Martin