LED Bike Lights for Newbies

If you are a serious cyclist you will know that there is a great range of LED bike lights on the market today. If you are new to cycling, you will probably assume that there is a standard light which is fairly cheap that will do the job. You could not be more wrong. Not any old light will do, you need to shop around for the best model and the best quality so it keeps you safe and lasts for a very long time. It can be quite difficult for newbies to choose the perfect one, but it is advised to take your time and ask yourself a few questions before making the investment. There are a number of questions you need to ask yourself before buying LED bike lights:

  • What time of day do I intend to ride? Mornings, afternoons, evenings?
  • What kind of terrain will I ride on?
  • Do I want to commute to work? Or just ride off road?
  • Do I want to continue riding in the winter?
  • Will I need more than once?
  • What is most important, brightness or reliability?
  • How much do I want to spend?

Lights for Commuters

More and more people are looking to save costs by cycling to and from work, and there's no wonder with so many other benefits that arise from it. Save on fuel is a big priority though cycling can also improve your fitness and help towards the environment. If you are considering cycling to and from work, you'll need to decide on what times you will need to leave home and how long each journey will take you. If you start early or finish late, you will most definitely an effective set of LED bike lights, front and back. Some things you should ask yourself are:

  • How long will the journey take?
  • What is the safest yet quickest route?
  • Are the roads busy?
  • Is my route well lit?
  • Can my lights be dimmed so I do not blind drivers?

LED Bike Lights for Off Road

If you wish to cycle off road, sometimes you want to start mountain biking, you will also need to consider investing in some LED bike lights. They can be very useful for off road riders who want to enjoy the hobby all year round. Having a beam can also make the sport far more enjoyable. A couple of questions to ask yourself before buying a light include:

  • What terrain will I be mostly riding upon?
  • Will I need to cycle on the road at any point?
  • Does my light have variable power modes for different conditions?
  • How long will the battery last?

As well as buying a set of LED bike lights, it is essential that you have the right cycling equipment and accessories so you can enjoy a fun and safe ride all year round.


Source by Kelly Elmore