Parents, are you looking for a smart solution to cure your kids addictiveness to console games? Do you feel tired of seeing your kids spend so much time watching the latest movies without doing anything else at all?

Well, you better know what Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket is!

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket is an electric bike produced by Razor, an authority name you're looking for scooters and electric ride-on for kids and teens. Razor MX650 is the latest addition with several advanced features and improvements from the previous already selling well models.

This bike could very well be the medicine that you need to cure your kids' unhealthy addictiveness to electronic game!

Razor MX650 is designed for teens, ages 16 and up. It's an ideal solution for you to drag your kids' attention off from their TV and electronic games into some real action. Modern teens spend so much time watching their favorite racers speeding across the track. You can use this fact to lure them off the couch and into the racing track. They would very much welcome the opportunity to catch the glimpse of what their favorite racers experience during the race.

Of course, unlike younger kids, teens will be associated to use their bikes in the flat pavement in front of your house or in the nearest basketball park. They want bigger and hotter challenges! Speeding around the neighborhood is a plaything for your 10-year old kids, not your 17-years old teens. Fortunately, Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket is designed with this perspective in mind.

Coming with dual suspension and riser handlebars, this electric bike divers smooth riding experience, regardless of the terrains. Its steel frame construction and twist-grip throttle are strong enough to carry riders weighing up to 140 pounds at the max speed of 17 mph. In plain English, this bike is powerful enough to give your teens the thrill of real racing but not at the level of speed that can be classified as dangerous.

Another great thing about Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket is the power consumption. This electric-powered bike uses two 12V batteries as the source of power. It takes us about 8 hours to fully charge the batteries and powerful enough for 40 minutes of continuous use. This is, by far, one of the most efficient electric bikes in the market. Using batteries as the source of power also gives this bike one positive thing over other type of bikes. Unlike other traditional gas-powered motocross bikes, the Razor MX650 has an extremely quiet chain-driven motor.

One note before you go to the nearest store and get this bike, you should understand that Razor MX650 is capable to deliver real racing experience. In another word, it could be risky. There exists a chance that your kids will get hurt while playing around. However, you should not be sorry since the solution is quite simple. Do remind your teens to always wear the protective suits and gears at all times! There are so many terrible accidents happened simply because the riders are speeding around without the protective gears.


Source by Chris Toyrev