Ridable antique bicycle replicas are simply reproductions of antique bicycle designs made with modern materials and components. The advantage of buying a rideable replica is that you can ride them, unlike real antiques which should not be ridden. Another advantage of ridable antique bicycle replicas is that you can use them as a sales gimmick for your delivery service, party or for other business activities.

If you are interested in buying a ridable antique bicycle replica then you will want to shop around and see what models are available and what prices are being charged by different manufacturers. You should know that ridable antique bicycle replicas are high end custom bikes, and so they are going to be pricey. You can expect prices to start around $ 1,000 and work their way up from their depending on the style and size of the bike you are interested in.

Some of the models that are available include the HiWheel Trike, Pedicabs, Boneshakers, Surreys and tandems. Prices for HiWheel Trikes are going to start around $ 1,500, while the price for more complex replicas, like pedicabs, will start around $ 3,000. If you feel like a manufacturer's prices are too high, then you will want to shop around to find out what other manufacturers are charging.

When shopping for rideable antique bicycle replicas there are certain characteristics that you will want to look for. First of all you want to look for designs that mirror the original bike's design. Look for small details like color choices and finish work to distinguish between excellent replicas and low quality replicas. You will also want to look for quality construction. The welding spots should be smooth and complete, there should not be any sharp corners on the frame and the bike should be well balanced and easy to pedal.


Source by Sarah Freeland