Cycling is fun, the feel of the rush of the wind across your face and the workout on your calves and hamstring is enough reason for you to go out on your bike no matter what time of the day it is. Whether you're interested to go out on your bicycle for a quick trip to the convenience store or you're trying to burn that extra helping of ice cream you ate over the weekend or you're the ultra health buff wanting that cardio exercise you get from cycling, you should always put your safety first when you ride your bike after sunset.

Unlike going for a ride during the day, cycling at night, unfortunately, poses some safety issues any cyclists should be concerned about. Unless you emit a green glow, chances are other motorists might not see you read until their headlights hit the reflectors on your pedals or seat.

Wearing brightly-colored clothing would help other motorists on the road see you at a far greater distance compared when you wear dark clothing. There are cycling gear now sold with neon orange or green color. These clothes, though, would only help if there is a little amount of light.

There are safety lights for bicycles now sold in the market. These lights attach at the base of your seat or to the frame or even on the handlebar provide the much needed lighting for other motorists to see you on the road. In a moonless night, you can even attach a as a headlight, allowing you to see where you're going and other motorists to see you as well.

These safety lights are battery operated and very light weight. The easy, no-fuss installation can be fitted to any bike of model and make.

So next time you decide to go cycling out at night, take time to consider road safety and attach along safety lights to your bicycle. A safe workout is a good workout!


Source by Micah Lacsamana