After many hours sifting and trying to figure out which type of folding bike to buy, I decided on the Brompton range of folding bikes. The reviews and feedback I had received from many sources only confirmed my decision.

With the hard part over, ie, choosing the type and model etc., my next challenge was how I could buy a Brompton bike and get the best deal possible. I know Brompton cycles are not the cheapest folding bikes, but I have always believed that investing in quality always pays off in the long run, a rule that has served me well.

If you are thinking of buying a Brompton folding bike, or any bike for that matter, I hope that following tips below will be of some help and hopefully save you some cash.

Step 1: Do your research online: I was able to research and find many dealers online with only a few clicks using Google. Once you have found dealers online, make a list of the following: Name, address (near store), folding bikes in stock and prices.

Step 2: Once you have your list, go and visit the closest two or three. At each store try and test drive as many models as possible. remember at this stage you are not buying the bike, only finding the right model for you. Do not be persuaded to buy at this stage, but do feel free to ask what the best deal they can offer you is. A point to note: Lots of dealers will have fantastic sales on last years bikes, so i would seriously consider buying a year old model.

Step 3: You should now be certain on the exact bike you would like. Go back to the sites you found online and find your model. Be sure to check out the various promotions and current sales on each site. Find the cheapest one and check the delivery costs.

Step 4: Make your purchase and get ready to enjoy your new Brompton folding bike, yahoo!

I was able to save myself about 50% of the original price using Evans Cycles. They have a price match guarantee, free delivery on UK orders and they were having an online sale at the time on 2008 models. The service was excellent and my bike arrived a few days after i placed my order.

Although the steps above are pretty straight forward, you will be surprised how many cyclists fail to use the Internet to get great deals when buying a bike. So do your research, and you too will get a great deal on a new cycle.


Source by Greg Storey