So you want to sell that Mountain bike collecting dust in the corner of your garage? Or depending you have upgraded your current mountain bike, and just need to get rid of your old bike. There are multiple places that you can sell your bike online and still get a decent amount of money. Pretty much everyone nowdays has heard of eBay to sell anything that you do not need, but Craigslist is also a good online resource. eBay has the distinct advantage of drawing a large amount of traffic, so assuming you price your bike appropriatively, you should get some bids.

Here is how you should go about selling a mountain bike on eBay. First, make sure your bike is good and clean. No mud is going to help sell your bike! Next, take some good pictures from many angles. In particular, take pictures of any imperfections in the frame. Do not try and hide these. It is always best to dispute exactly what the buyer would be purchasing. Honesty is important. Next, you need to know exactly what size bike you have currently. There are numerous online resources that will help you figure that out if you do know. Then, you should write up short and informative description of your bike, including brand, model and year. After that, you can go ahead and get it listed on eBay. I would go with a 7 day auction style listing, since those are the most popular.

What you need to be careful about prior to completing your listing on eBay is the size and weight of your bike. It is always best to already have a box that your bike will fit in prior to your competitiveness listing on eBay. The reason for this is so you can accurately determine the cost of shipping, which the buyer will pay. The problem that can, and often happens, is that the seller will inaccurately list the size and weight of their item, and have to end up paying some of the shipping cost. So, if you want to make sure you keep all your profit on your sale, get that shipping correct! I always use the calculated shipping based on buyers location option, which works very well! It is also very important to list your item for the LEAST amount of money you will accept. This will inspire more people to bid on your item, which could turn into more money for you in your pocket.


Source by Darren Cox