The wheels on a skateboard turn fast and freely because within each wheel a bearing is used which reduces the amount of friction between the wheels turning and the non moving board. The type of bearing used in roller sports equipment is called a miniature deep groove ball bearing; each wheel requires two bearings, one on either side.

Skateboard bearings greatly affect the speed and accuracy of your skateboard. It is not always the most expensive skate board or bearing that is the best one for you as it goes off your style of skateboarding more than anything else.

The different types of bearings for skateboards

Skateboards have shielded and sealed bearings. Every skateboard has shielded bearings on one side, but you can buy bearings that are shielded on both sides. With the bearing shielded it stops the dirt and grind getting into the wheel and therefore slowing it down, having the bearing shielded on both sides means even less dirt can get into the wheels. Sealed bearings are covered in a metal coating and so are more durable than shielded ones and don’t let dirt, moisture or anything that can be harmful to the wheels through.

Bones Red bearings are great for anyone who is starting out on the skateboard and learning to skate, they are relatively cheap at about £15 for a packet, and are the best quality for its price. Bones Red bearings come with speed lubricant and a non-contact red rubber shield to protect the wheels.

Why you should clean your wheels and skateboard bearings

You should clean your skateboard bearings on a frequent basis anyway but especially if your skateboard has slowed down or if the wheels are making a clunky noise when they spin. Cleaning the bearings on regular basis will expand their life span and the skateboard will work better for you. There are many ways on how to clean your wheels and bearings and it’ll entail taking the wheels and bearings off the skateboard, but doing so will make the skateboard work at its best.


Source by Anna String