Skateboard gear is something you kinda cant do without you want a busted head or a damaged knee. When you take a fall the only thing you want to hurt badly is your pride! And hey falling is part of the job description, lets not forget about that.

If you want to be good at this sport you have to stretch yourself, and when you stretch yourself you are going to take a few tumbles and knocks, its all part of the fun guys and gals.

So what sort of skateboard gear do you need? You need a skateboard helmet when starting out, if you dont make this an essential purchase you gotta be insane. Some people dont think it cool to wear a helmet, well I dont think its cool to spend the rest of your life being spoon fed and a drip hanging out the side of your mouth so get a helmet. And make sure the helmet is a good fit and does not jerk around on your head.

Another essential piece of skateboard gear is the knee pads, as the knees are the area that takes most of the pounding and the strain when you are on the board. Make sure you get a pair with plenty of padding to prevent the jarring and bangs to damage your knees.

It is also a good idea to wear elbow pads and wrist braces too as these will protect these areas from scrapes and cracks. It is not smart to be constantly getting tagged up, and besides it is going to mean time away from your skateboard every time you come to grief.

Skateboard shoes can also be bought, and these differ from a normal shoe in that they have a large, flat bottom that gives you better grip on the board, and they are sturdy built so as to take the wear they are going to get.

If you get these pieces of skateboard gear you can skate with more freedom and invention, knowing that if you do make a few mistakes they are aint gonna be on the catastrophic scale for you!


Source by Des Ingham