Here are some skateboard tips for learning the pop shove it. This is a neat trick to learn early on in your skateboard life, as it does not require you to ollie and is a fairly straight forward trick, although you still gotta master it.

OK, here we go with our skateboard tips for the pop shove it. It is so named my friend because you are popping your skateboard, and then spinning the tail of your board right or left, which takes your fancy.

Now you need your foot foot positioned on the tail of your board so that you can shove the back down with your foot, but still have enough control to spin it as you are pushing down to the ground.

The trick is to spin it at the right time as the board is popping down, so that the board stays under control and does not angle to one side or the other. You also push to the side with your front foot so you are getting a good clean spin. What you are aiming for is to spin the board 180 degrees so that it lands back under your feet.

Once it has rotated a full 180 degrees you need to catch it with your back foot, and with bended knees get your front foot back onto the board again. Voila !! You have mastered the pop shove it.

You will find that you need to go at a reasonably fast pace to pull this off, otherwise it will be impossible to keep your balance. When you get the hang of it you will get more juice from the trick by popping the board up as high as you can and spinning faster. Great fun!

These skateboard tips will take time to get the hang of and learn but will feel second nature after a bit of work on the rough edges.


Source by Des Ingham