These skateboard trick tips are for those who have learned the basics of skateboarding such as rolling and standing as well as balancing and turning. They require patience and skill and probably an adventurous spirit. These skateboard trick tips are for those who want to learn more complicated moves and steps and those who want to stylize their skateboarding. The trick tips in this article are crowd pleasers as well as attention and appause-getters.

The first thing to consider is different ways of getting on the board. For this skateboard trick, one gets on the skateboard before it lands on the ground. It sounds easy and on television may look 'cool' but is more dangerous than it looks. You need to be able to gauge when to jump on so that you land perfectly and safely. It also takes balancing with both feet and a good body stance.

Then, of course, one of the most important skateboard trick tips is one that teachers you how to stop on your skateboard. Other than the normal and conventional way to stop, this skateboard trick is done by spinning your board to the side and coming to an abrupt stop. This is usually done when you're going fast on your skateboard and suddenly need to stop or decide to stop. Also, another way of stopping is to have your whole body pointing the direction of your skateboard and then putting your weight to the front and moving the leg in the back outwards and then toward the ground.

Another skateboard trick is one that requires the skater to do a turn on the ground. Here the skater goes down low on the skateboard and has his hand on the ground for balance. This is one of the more challenging tricks and after the move has the skater up and on the skateboard in the same low stance that he or she started in. After completing the move, the skater can go back to his or her original position.


Source by Francis Murphy