Generally, people feel scared to play skateboard. But, many players believe that fear is all in brain. Once you loose it, you can start playing skateboard.

Here are some tricks you can perform on skateboard.

First, you should learn the switch trick.

To perform a switch trick, you need not be a good player. To learn it, observe your motion of foot back and forth while you play.

Now, put all your weight, and do it. You might not be able to do it initially. You will learn it gradually.
Stay calm, and confident. Observe your moves. You can do it easily.

After that, you can do a flip-kick trick. It is also very interesting. But, it requires practice.
It just does not happen all of a sudden. To do it, you should watch a video of it, and closely observe what is happening. After a couple of days, you can do it.

There are a few things you need to know about the bail technique.
If you are finding hard to balance yourself while doing it, you should immediately stop, and try again.
Do not let all the weight of your body come on your hands. If you fall down, it will hurt badly.

If you find yourself falling, do not try to dive. Always try to land on your feet. If possible, take a jump, and get away.

Finally, you must know the trick to stop and jump. When you want to stop, jump off quickly. Do not jump in haste. If you are behind a vehicle, your skate will keep going. It may be damaged.

So, jump before some distance.
Try to put any of your feet first on the ground, and stop. You can also use 90 degree sliding to stop it.


Source by Kum Martin