This skateboard world article is going to have a look see at a few interesting facts and other stuff about skateboarding. This is for all you skateboard aficionados out there who take much interest in the sport as I do.

Now this is a little known fact, but they reckon that upwards of 100,000 people a year around the world get injured on skateboards. And the most common injury? Y`know I would have figured the knee or maybe the ankle, but it is in fact the wrist! All the more reason to wear wrist braces guys and gals.

Skateboarding is more popular than you may think. It is in fact the third most popular sporting activity in the US of A. And the average age of a skateboarder is just 13 years old. Ahh, I remember those days! There was a lull in its popularity a few years back when a lot of the skate parks went bust and interest waned a little, but now it is back with a vengeance. It has reclaimed its street cred and cool, if it ever lost it, and is massively influential in areas as diverse as clothing, music and attitude.

Skateboarding sits in an overall 6th position in the world regarding its sporting popularity. When you think that many of the sports at the top, like football / soccer, have been around for a few hundred years, and skateboarding has been around for only around half a century it just shows the impact the sport has made on global consciousness. It really should not be such a surprise, I mean what other sport can you get such an adrenaline rush from time after time after time?

As we know skateboarding is an offshoot of surfing, kinda like its runt of an offspring! And terms such as frontside and backside come from surfing. As frontside means when your body faces the wave in surfing, so in skateboarding this means your body is facing the ramp or obstacle.


Source by Des Ingham