I do not remember skateboarding when I was young. We made our own scooters and we had the old type skates that you fastened to your shoes and had four wheels.

Skateboarding is definitely a modern day sport that has now jumped almost two generations because my neighbors and their kids are skateboarding down my street. Yes I even see some grandparents enjoying themselves. It looks dangerous to me and I can not get interested in it at my age. There are obviously a lot of people who find it quite good exercise and a lot of fun as well as a way to spend time with their kids. There are plenty of grandparents and parents, who recognize the terms Quicksilver and half-pipe but I must admit I am not one of them.

The one thing you will notice, however, is that this is more expensive than it was 30 and 40 years ago. I thought stuff was expensive in the seventies but now if you want to enjoy this sport you have to pay quite a bit more. Of course, everything is a lot more expensive than it was 30 years ago. My first Ford Maverick was $ 2200 dollars fully loaded in 1970.

Skateboards are expensive and like everything else they break. If you remember the day when you just bought a new board if yours was damaged, then you are dreaming. New Boards are even more expensive. That's exactly why an overall guide to setting up your board and repairing will save the skateboard owner (or his or her parents) money.


Source by Edgar Dapremont