Skateboarding is a sport that has been in place since the early 1970's yet it is amazing how much negative information about it still circulates. It is time to debunk some of those skateboarding myths once and for all. Keep in mind that all of the information you read out there, especially online is not always fact. In many cases it is opinion or it is something that people have heard so many times that they take it to be the truth.

The biggest myth is that only teenagers take part in skateboarding. While they do represent a large number of the people involved in it, younger children and even adults take part in it as well. Keep in mind that some of the world's best skaters are in their late 20's and early 30's and they have no plans to retire from the sport any time soon!

A skateboarding myth that is finally dying down some is that it is only for males. While the majority of them are, more and more females are taking part in it. They do not care what society says about it and they love the sport. The fact that there are some female skateboarders taking part in the serious competitions out there also provides them with some amazing role models as well.

The myth about this is that youngsters getting involved in skateboarding have no goals in life. They are often stereotyped as individuals with a desire to live on the edge and to create problems. However, if you get to know many skateboarders you will discover they have great goals and aspirations. Many of them are top students as well and they even take part in community fundraisers. Yet they do not get credit for any of that in the eyes of some people that can not see beyond the label that continues to stick.

Many people wonder why there are plans in the works for skating parks and such around their towns. They do not see any real need for them due to low numbers of people taking part in the sport. The fact is that many more people would take part in it if such skate parks were in place. It is not uncommon for people to travel 30 or soms if they need to in order to find one.

Many experts believe that skateboarding is a sport that continues to grow faster than most others. However, it does not get the recognition that it describes for people to really take notice of that. It is estimated that close to 15 million people take part in this sport and that it should see an increase of about 3% annually for the next five years based on projection data.

A common myth that everyone has heard is that skateboarding is not safe. While there are some risks involved it is a safe sport. People get hurt all the time in a variety of sports. Those that generally do get hurt while skateboarding are not taking the right precautions either. They do not have on a helmet, elbow guards, or knee guards as they should. When there is a bad accident with skateboarding we all hear about it, but what about the large number of people that did the same thing that day and did not experience any injuries?

To help determine what is myth and what is real, you need to be open minded. Do not just readily accept the information that comes your way. Instead you need to be willing to determine what is really going on. Do not be afraid to ask questions and to learn more about skateboarding so you have facts and not myths that you share with others.


Source by John Pauls