Skateboarding is fun but does take a lot of determination and the willingness to learn the basic techniques. You may want to enjoy skateboarding with your children or you may be starting your second childhood. Perhaps it is on your Life List of things to do before your die. Just take it slow and step by step.

Before you even get on the skateboard, start with the safety gear which is usually helmets and pads. Most skateboard parks require that skaters wear a helmet. You might want to make that a habit even outside of a skateboard park. Skate shoes offer the best grip on the skateboard but if you do not want the expense, wear a good pair of shoes with a non-slip bottom.

You need to get the feel of the skateboard. Place the skateboard on carpet or the lawn and stand on it. To see how it feels, try some gentle jumps. The next task is to figure out your dominant foot. One foot will be on the board and the other will be used for kicking forward. The easiest way is to kick a ball a find what foot you use. There is the regular stance, which uses the left foot, and goofy, which uses the right foot. Knowing your dominant foot does help with the basics.

Do not be embarrassed to fall off the board. This is all part of the learning curve. Moving the weight of your body to toe-side or heel-side determines the direction of the board. Stopping also require practice and always jump from the board if you have not mastered stopping or turning and a collision is imminent.

Practice makes perfect the motto for learning anything, especially, skateboarding.


Source by Sean Harvey