Weather your new to skateboarding or a pro you will always be looking for skateboarding trick tips. Heck, I've been boarding for ten years and I still want skateboarding trick tips. So here are four tricks and the tips to go with them to add to your other slamming moves.

Skateboarding trick tips
# 1 – Bomb Drop

This is a popular trick usually seen on the street but it is not uncommon to see them on the professional circuit or in competitions. Basically, the bomb drop is an alternative to an ollie when flying down a flight of stairs. What you do when doing a Bomb drop is jump but instead of just doing an olie you jump with the board in your hands then whip it up to your feet, mid air.

Obviously this is not the safest trick, so start small, without too much height. Also wear a helmet. I was a bit of a noob when I first tried it, and yeah it hurt when I hit the ground face first. Thirdly, practice your hand and feet coordination skills; you're usually given a split second alone to get your board from your hands and to your feet. I play the kit but even with that, it still took me a while to master the trick.

Skateboarding trick tips
# 2 – Boneless One

This is one of the corner stones of skateboarding tricks. There are so many variations of this trick. With this trick you start by taking your board from your feet just as you get of as well. Afterward, you leap with one foot then end by returning your board to its original position (under your feet) as you make a perfect landing.

Although it sounds hard, you can easily do it as long as you put in the work and practice often. The trick is so easy that it has fended away among skateboarders, particularly the younger boarders. Neverheless, having a classic trick like this perfected is a good card to carry, as you can include it in one of your routines, to give it a something a bit different or extra.

Skateboarding trick tips
# 3 – Coffin

Although this trick has a pretty scary sounding name, it is still pretty easy to do, despite being a few stages higher than your basic turns and what not. Do not worry, it is not a killer.

To start with, get a good amount of speed while just normally skateboarding. Position yourself at the front of your skateboard. Then take a seat in the middle of your board by bending your knees, while using both your hands to steady yourself by holding onto the sides of the board. Then lean back and lie prostrate on your board as if you were on a coffin. And that's you, trick done.

Skateboarding trick tips
# 4 – Firecracker
Brighten up the streets with this entertaining trick. Just like setting up a fireworks show, you need to carefully plan this trick and the whole thing needs to be really precise. For this trick you need to a good flight of stair with lots of steps. As you go dow the stairs, you can increase your speed by deliberatively leaving some of your weight towards the back of your board. This will cause the back of your board slap against the steps. This will hopefully sound like a fire burst from a firework. Consistency is the main element of a good firecracker.

There are of course thousands more skateboarding tricks for you to learn.


Source by Cody Black