Scooter Bikes have been around since the early 1900's and originated in Asia, France and Italy. Most people when they think of motor scooters do not realize how far they have come in regards to durability, safety and range of speed. Motor scooters not only have improved dramatically as to their safety but can travel up to speeds in excess of 75 miles per hour and carry a passenger easily. They can handle 300 to 400 lbs in weight for most scooter bikes and will range as far as engine size and accessories.

If you are concerned about maintaining your motor scooters you can rest assured that they are fairly easy to maintain as long as you do not neglect them and follow the service recommendations in the manual that comes with these scooter bikes. Motor scooters will vary as far as cubic centimeters for engine size from 49cc to 250cc and even higher. Obviously the higher the cubic centimeters the more power these scooter bikes will have and the faster they will be able to go. Make sure when you look at an array of scooters that you are aware of what you plan to use it for and how much you can afford to spend. For instance if you plan on riding on the freeway or highway at speeds of 55 or 60 miles per hour you will need at least a 150cc engine.

Scooter bikes will also range as far as price as well. You will find that you can spend as little as around $ 850 all the way up to literally thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that you should be able to find excellent high quality scooters for under $ 2500. I mean motor scooters that will go 75 mph and have an engine size of 250cc. You will find that some scooters will also be equipped with automatic transmissions for those who are afraid of learning how to properly use a manual clutch. Although a manual clutch will probably give you a little better performance they are not for everyone. Also keep in mind that a lot of scooter bikes will come with additional accessories such as a cargo pack that is located behind the passenger rider to carry your necessities when needed.

Scooter bikes serve one additional purpose in that they can save you a ton of money when it comes to fuel costs. How would you like to get 120 miles to a gallon of gas as opposed to say 15 to 25 miles per gallon in an automobile? Think about how much scooter bikes can save you. If you get 120 miles to a gallon as opposed to 20 you will save almost $ 85 for every 1000 miles you drive.

One last comment in regards to safety. Although several states do not require the use of a DOT approved motorcycle helmet it is highly recommended that you and your passenger wear one at all times when riding scooter bikes or any other motor sport vehicles.


Source by Blake Parker