Tandem bikes are bicycles that are built for two or more people. Originally they were created by welding two or more bicycles together; however, today they are custom built by hand. The first patent for a tandem bicycle was filed sometime in the 1800s, and since then they have remained a great alternative to the traditional two wheelers. Modern versions of the original tandem are considered high end custom bikes.

Recumbent bikes are a special type of bicycle that is designed with a reclined seat. This form of bicycle has been around since bikes were first developed; however, they have not gained as much attention as the traditional upright versions. The design of these bikes makes them fast. In fact it was a recumbent bike that set the world's bicycle land speed record in the early part of the 20th century. Unfortunately, recumbent bikes were bounced from international bike racing back in 1934 so their true performance value has not yet been proven. Recumbent bikes come is several variants including: bicycle, tricycle, tandem or folder.

Folding tandem bikes are a great option for people who travel with their bikes, or for people who have a limited amount of storage space for their bikes. Folding tandems are just as durable and functional as regular bikes are. The only difference in their construction is that they contain a special lug nut that allows the bike to be taken apart for storage, or they contain special parts that can be loosened to allow for the frame to be folded for storage. The cost of a folding tandem bicycle is going to be significantly more than a regular bike. Good folders can cost nearly $ 1,800. However, the price you pay is going to depend a lot on the weight of the bike, how fast the folding process is designed to be and who manufactures the bike.

When shopping for a classic tandem bicycle you may run across advertisements for used tandem bikes and antique tandem bikes. You may be wondering what the difference is. The difference is simply the word. Used and antique generally refer to the same types of bikes. However, "used" is used to describe lower value or lower quality tandem bikes where "antique" is used to describe collectible or higher valued tandem bikes. On the other hand, some sellers may use the term "antique" as a marketing ploy to entice a higher price from buyers.


Source by Sarah Freeland