Bicycles are considered as one of the most efficient forms of transportation in the world. However, biking for a long distance can be very tiring and maybe you need a shower upon arrival. Electric bicycles can eliminate this problem. The benefits of electric bikes are many and most of these benefits can not be realized by ordinary bikes or cars.

Advantages of Electric Bicycles

Environmentally friendly
I think this is the most significant feature of electric cycles. Nowadays, as environmental pollution is more and more serious and global warming poses a threat to human security, people are sooner to choose new vehicles which cause less or no environment pollution. The electric bike is one of those new vehicles. An electric bike is environmentally friendly because it is powered by a motor and battery rather than petrol or gasoline. It uses a rechargeable battery and does not produce carbon dioxide which causes global warming and air pollution.

Faster than ordinary bikes
For short journeys, riding a bicycle can be a good choice. But for longer journeys, riding a bike can be an exhausting thing. However, electric bicycles can help you reach your destination much faster. With a fully charged battery, you can travel as far as 30 miles. Beside, riding electric bikes is an easy and sweat-free way of commuting.

More convenient than cars
Yes, it is true. Sometimes riding electric bikes can be more convenient and faster than driving cars. As electric bikes are classed as bikes, you can use cycle lanes and can turn around very easily during the traffic jams when you are riding. So, you will not have to get stuck in traffic. Then, electric bikes require little space to store and you do not need to spend time in finding a parking space when you reach the destination.

Less cost
The gas prices keep going up and up and your car may also need regular check-up, a metered parking space and other services. But electric bikes are cheap to run. They run on electric motors and require very little energy to recharge the battery. However, although there is a possibility to repair the electric bicycle or replace the old battery, the cost will not be too high.

In a word, an electric bicycle is a perfect alternative to an ordinary bike or a car. Though it has some drawbacks, it is preferred by more and more people nowdays.


Source by Sharon R Chen