With gas prices out of control, and showing no signs of coming back down, people are finding it more and more costly just to get around. This affects their wallet, but also the economy. People shop less, go out to eat less, even go to work less. So what can you do about it? Buying a new, more fuel efficient car is too expensive for many. And the new hybrid alternative is even more expensive. You could take public transportation, but even in the cities that provide it, you are bound by schedules and routes. So that leaves you with walking or bicycling, but how realistic is that? You can not bike 50 miles to work, it would take too long and you'd have to shower when you get there and home. There is a bike alternate however. A bicycle engine or bicycle motor kit provides powered propulsion to any standard bicycle. They are reliably cheap, and can attach to any bike you already own, and they are extremely efficient.

By using a gas bike engine, you can power a standard bicycle just as effectively as a scooter or moped. Now, you will not be winning any drag races, but they are a very viable means of transportation. Depending on the size of the engine and the rider, you could get as much a 150 miles per gallon! Also, if you run out of gas, you can just pedal to a station. The bicycle engine kits are light and compact, and can be easily installed. They range from 40cc to over 100cc, (that's equivalent to a small dirt bike).

An even more efficient bike alternative is an electric bicycle motor. Ranging from 200W to 1000W, these extremely light and low profile bicycle motor kits provide sufficient power to get you around conveniently on your standard bicycle. There is no gasoline needed, just plug it in at night or at work, and you have enough range to get to any realistic destination. Like the gas bicycle engine, if the charge does run out, you can still pedal. Some models of bicycle motors are even capable of recharging with pedal power so you will not be pedaling for long.

In the current state, you need to start taking your own courses of action to deal with the gas prices. The bicycle motor is a clean, safe, and responsible way to do your part without drastically changing your lifestyle.


Source by Dave Gray