Many athletes as they grow older have a tough time playing their favorite sport or running. Their knees and muscles are simply not as good as they once were. So, they migrate over to riding a bike, unfortunately, the cars simply refuse to give them the right of way. Now, we all know that drivers do attempt to be courteous, I know both you and I do, but there are many who will not yield and even get a little aggressive, either they are having a bad hair day or want to see how close they can get.

There are many roads with little or no shoulder for the bikes. There are times when it is very windy, when the roads are wet or slick, and those pot holes due to poor maintenance. Of course, every bike rider knows of the roadside debris, glass and nails and cyclists are constantly dodging this stuff as they ride.

Still worry are those teenage drivers who are text messaging while they drive, the executive reading the newspaper while driving to work or the good looking lady doing her lipstick, eye shadow or make-up with kids in the back seat on her way to day care before her first appointment. And if that is not bad enough, there are quite a few casual drinkers hitting an early happy hour and then hitting the road or even you if you do not watch it.

There are way too many fatalities of bicyclists out there, through no fault of their own. Some say say bicycling is dangerous, so you should not do it. So, what is the alternative, jogging might have you buying $ 40,000 a side titanium knees. If you do not exercise you will die of something else, so I ask, how can you win? Think on this.


Source by Lance Winslow