Bicycle Lights Have Come a Long Way

It is safe to say that everyone in the cycling world has been taken aback by all the powerful bicycle lights now on offer. Today there are some amazing lights on offer providing even more power than a car headlight. Lighting on your bike is extremely important for your safety, not to mention everyone around you. They are also required by law, making them even more essential as a product. The ease, performance and simplicity of today's LED bicycle lights is very impressive, especially considering the fact that most of the developments have taken place over a short space of time. Newer, better and higher quality lights are often creeping onto the market, leaving cyclists spoiled for choice when they go to shop for one. Whether you are a casual cyclist, a daily commuter or a serious mountain bike junkie, you should definitely be using lights on your bike to accompany you.

Invention of LED

LED lights were invented in the 1960's by scientist Nick Holonyak. He has been known ever since as 'the father of the light-emitting-diode'. His work has revolutionized the lighting industry to say the least, and 41 patents have come as a direct result of his work . Today, the LED light is found in so many different applications from TV's and traffic lights to cars and bicycle lights. It would have been difficult to imagine a world without this handy and reliable source of light today! The LED light has helped cyclists significantly in previous years and continues to remain the most popular option in terms of safety and performance.

Types of LED Bicycle Lights

There are all types of lights to choose from if you're looking to buy one. No matter the budget, what type of riding you do, and your preferences, you're bound to be up and running in no time at all! The type of light you buy will be determined by your style of riding and where you cycle. If you commute to work by bike, you'll most likely require a light that gives off enough power, yet does not dazzle drivers. If you ride trails at night, you'll require something with a bit of a kick and sometimes a wide beam. If you enjoy taking part in races and events, you'll need to look for bicycle lights something that allows you to change the level of power and has a long battery life.


Source by Kelly Elmore