Millions of people in different countries all through the world use bicycles for various reasons, mainly for transportation. If you are going somewhere near, you will save on gas if you will use this two-wheeled vehicle instead of using your car or taking a cab. Aside from that, you will also save yourself from heavy traffic. Riding a bike can be a good exercise as well.

After more than 100 years since its invention, the bicycle continues to experience evolution. Although its basic design did not change, improvements continue to take place on it from time to time.

Bike frames for instance keep on under development and alterations. From the usual steel, other types of material are now being used to create frames to lessen their weight while at the same time, keeping the bike sturdy. The modern materials that are now being used for the most recent models of bikes are aluminum, carbon fiber and titanium. Through them, light weight bikes were created.

Aluminum is among the most commonly used materials for bike frames. However, it bends easily. If you intend to use your bike on a rough journey, something made from aluminum is not advisable.

Carbon fiber is non-metallic and it gives the frame a very light weight. It is rust-resistant and forming it into different shapes is quite easy. What's not good about it is that it does not have a strong resistance to collision. It can be smashed in cases of impacts and accidents.

In the bicycle industry nowdays, the popularity of titanium is increasing. This material is very strong and light. Bicycles made from titanium can be very expensive. However, with its durability and lightness, many people still choose bikes which frames are made from this.

Manufacturers all over the world keep on finding ways to innovate the bicycle. Experts are now experimenting with thermoplastic and magnesium to come up with more modern designs. In the near future, we can rest assured that more impressive designs and concepts will be introduced to us.

You can purchase the type of bicycle that will suit your need from a bicycle store within your area. If you wish, you can purchase parts and assemble your own bike. That way, you can come up with your own design. Purchasing bikes is made easier through the internet. You can place your order online and the item will be delivered to you.


Source by Sebastian James