Although they are extremely popular in China, electric bikes are still a new concept for the European market. Recently, electric bikes have entered the British market, too and have been received with the best intentions and with open arms, this being an innovation the whole wide world has been waiting for in a long time.

Unfortunately, the largest advantage of such a vehicle on two wheels, which is the speed it can reach, is not really an advantage for the British because of the strict traffic regulations. The maximum speed a cyclist can reach on the public roads in Britain is that of twenty-four kilometers per hour. Therefore, although such a bike is said to be able to reach the speed of forty kilometers per hour, this is not something the British can take advantage of.

On the other hand, this bicycle has the advantage that it does not require any pedaling, therefore, if you do not really feel like pedaling, you do not have to do it, the bicycle being powered by the six kilogram battery which has a recharging time of only five hours.

The A2B bicycle is the fastest electric bicycle in the world and therefore, it has different particularities from other points of view, too. One of them is the starting price, which is of approximately two thousand pounds, just as much as the price you would pay for a scooter. Another advantage of the A2B bicycle is that it does not pollute the air and that it is also very silent on the road.

Therefore, if you are interested in a bit of innovation, you can go for the A2B bicycle, the fastest electric bike in the world so far, although there have been other attempts in this direction ever since the invention of this revolutionary means of transport and recreation.


Source by James M.