Electric bikes have really revolutionized the bicycle industry of the modern era, providing a new way of living and a new means of transportation for people all over the world. These bicycles have become very appreciated especially in China, where over twenty-one millions of such bicycles have been sold so far.

Unlike the traditional bicycles, e-bikes are battery powered and they also make it easier for riders to ride as less pedaling is required with them. E-bikes have started to be more and more appreciated in Europe as well, bicycle amateurs preferring the advantages of these new bikes. Battery powered bicycles are very economic and they are also less pretentious, offering a new perspective to riders all over the world.

Ducati Motors and Italwin Group have become partners in order to manufacture an e-bike which is to be released on the market in 2010 in Europe, as a product of the Italian motorcycle brand.

The new Ducati electric bike manufactured by Italwin and named City Pearl was released at international level at Eurobike, an important bicycles and accessories exhibition which took place this year, between the 2nd and the 5th of September in Germany.

Ducati City Pearl has a highly performing frame, which is available in different colors, the lithium battery manufactured by Panasonic being set on the back trunk of the bicycle. The new Ducati electric bike can reach twenty-four kilometers per hour and it is to be presented this year at Milan at the EICMA salons in September and November.


Source by James M.