The high-end bikes are the best bikes you can get, but they can also be divided into three sub-categories. First of all, you have the mid toward high-end bikes, the high-end ones and the premium ones.

The bikes in the mid toward high-end class have a lot of high quality components, mainly manufactured by Shimano. You can find SLX and XT pieces with these bicycles, but also X.7 and X.9 ones from the Sram line of components. The forks are usually made by RockShox, Recon and Reba, but you can also encounter Fox ones. The brakes are hydraulic and the models are very close to the top or even top ones. There area lots of full-suspension models, too, these bikes registering noticeable performances. If you want to buy such a bike, you should take about one thousand – one thousand five hundred euros out of your pocket and you should also keep in mind that they weigh about ten or eleven kilograms.

The high-end bikes are professional ones and they can be used in Cross Country competitions and on very tough circuits. You can also find Enduro or Downhill bikes in this category. All the components are highly performing and very refined, some models featuring a carbon frame. These bikes cost between one thousand five hundred euros and two thousand euros.

Last but not least, we have the premium bikes, which are definitely the best ones you can find and only made for competitions. The carbon frames are frequently encountered with these models and so are the carbon components. You can see such bikes in the French Tour, but the prices can even reach the sum of eight thousand euros.

When it comes to components, the best manufacturers are Shimano and Sram, but there are a lot of other such manufacturers which bring their contribution to the high performances these bikes can have.


Source by James M.