With the global economy crashing and people losing jobs there many families are struggling with their finances. That is why we have taken the time to study different vehicles and the toll they will have on a budget. The best fuel-efficient vehicles that we have found are motor scooters. This includes the gas scooter and the electric scooter.

Tanking a car or SUV can cost anywhere between 50 to 100 dollars depending on the type of vehicle you drive. For this example we'll do an average of 75 dollars. The average American family has two cars that commutes and uses extra fuel for errands and the weekend. So that is two tanks for commutes and a third for the extras. A total of 225 dollars per week for fuel, that is 900 dollars per month and 10,800.00 dollars per year. An average wage worker makes around 30,000.00 dollars a year. One third of their income goes to fuel when prices reach $ 4.00 per Gallon.

The solution that we have found to relate some stress off the budget or being prepared for the next time gas goes up, is to replace one car by a gas scooter. Buying a gas scooter is relatively cheap and consumes 1 to 2 gallons of fuel per week. Refilling a gas scooter costs under 10 dollars per week. A gas scooter has storage place so they can be used for small errands. To save even more money, an electric scooter is suggested. Although more expensive than a gas scooter at the time of the purchase an electric scooter cost pennies to ride. An electric scooter cost 75% less to recharge than to refill. The more powerful models of electric scooters have a range of 70 miles per charge. Recharging an electric scooter cost about 2 dollars.

When doing the budget, we can divide by two the fuel cost for the cars or SUVs making it 112.50 dollars per week plus 8 dollars for the gas scooter or 2 dollars for the electric scooter. Around 120 dollars per week, that's 480 dollars per month and 5,760 per year. That is a reduction of 47% in fuel consumption. Leaving you an extra 5,020.00 dollars in your budget. These numbers are just calculating your savings on fuel and not counting the savings on insurance, the registration, and maintenance.

At the time, purchasing a gas scooter or an electric scooter may seem like a wild expense but remember that on the long run you will save lots of money. A gas scooter costs about 1,500.00 dollars. It will only take 13 weeks to pay off with the money saved on fuel. And an electric scooter costs 2,900.00 dollars taking 26 weeks to pay off. For the rest of the year you will be saving money.


Source by Jennifer Allaire