It sure did not take long for my 8 year old daughter to get attached to her Razor E125 electric scooter. She has completely forsaken her bike, and her "kick" scooter, to ride her new "high tech" model! Before I bought the Razor E125, I had taken a look at several other models. However, when all was said and done, I had to go with the E125!

One of my concerns about electric scooters was that they would scare my daughter. Her model has a top speed of 10 mph, which is pretty fast. Surely faster than she could go on her bike or her scooter.

I found that rather than scaring her, the speed kept her interested and excited. It also tends to help her feel "grow up." I make her wear a helmet and knee pads, for obvious reasons. Also, she sticks to riding on the sidewalks close to home.

I also had fears that she might disturb the neighbors with her constant riding. Boy, was I wrong! She barely makes a sound as she "scoots" around the neighborhood.

She can ride for an extended period of time, too. She has been out riding for the better part of an afternoon without needing to come home to re-charge. The Razor E125 electric scooter will actually go up to 40 minutes of continuous riding on one charge!

It kind of resembles a "kick" scooter in that a slight push off is required before you can flip the switch to activate the motor. Basically, those two things are all that is required to get you up and going!

She loves the "cool" twist grip accelerator, and the "bicycle" type brakes. Frankly, about the only complaint we have is that we never see our daughter anymore!

Maybe my wife and I will have to get a couple for ourselves!


Source by Michael S Hutchins