The Razor Pocket Rocket miniature electric bike is actually a scaled down version of a real street bike which has been designed and built specifically for children, particularly those who love the thrill and excitation of revving up and whizzing round.

This electric bike may be pretty small in size but this thing can move – it can reach speeds up to 15 mph, and I have it on authority that it can hit 20 mph going down hill! However, it does have variable speeds controlled by a twist grip throttle. It is just as well that it sports big 10 inch pneumatic tires which ensure a smooth ride. Noise is also kept to a minimum due to the chain driven motor and there is an all important hand operated brake.

You will find that the Razor Pocket Rocket is powered using 2 x 12 volt batteries which do hold out well when charged, the manufacturer states that charging for between 4 minutes and 6 hours will give 45 minutes constant driving. Others I have spoken to say they charge the batteries over night and the youngsters can ride on and off for a full day without losing power.

The most disagreed about fact about the Razor Pocket Rocket is the age range for which it is best suited. Razor USA recommends this miniature bike for youngsters age 13 and over, but, this age seems to be off target as many tall, older with the result of pain to the legs and knees. There are those who would argue that this miniature bike is better suited to the 8 to 9 year old age range, but I also know of children as young as 5 riding this electric bike. Personally, I think you know your child and his / her abilities best, so long as there is adult supervision and the area in which they are riding is safe and traffic free they will certainly have hours of fun.

Some Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike Facts:

Dimensions: 36 x 20 x 21 inches

Weight: 42 pounds

Power: 2 x 12 volt batteries

Max Speed: 15mph

Max. Weight: 170 pounds

One advantage of the Razor Pocket Rocket miniature electric bike, even with all the likely scrapes and crashes is that it seems to come out of them pretty well, so good on durability and I am led to believe that spare parts can be obtained pretty easily. Another positive advantage for all of us who shy away from any technical stuff, this miniature bike requires very little assembly.

Something which is vital with this toy is a good helmet, knee pads and elbow pads for safe, injury free riding.

What do you get for your money as well as the bike?

Included are:

* 2x 12 volt batteries

* Battery charger

* Tools

The overall consensus of opinion would seem to be that kids just love the Razor Pocket Rocket, it is sleek, speedy and durable – so much so that even adults can have a go!


Source by Mags Sno