You might have come to a moment when you want to sell your old bike in order to buy a new one. Here are the most important criteria you should be guided by when you decide to sell your bicycle. Your options when it comes to selling your old bike are the following. You can sell it to a a bicycle store which takes it as an advance for a new bike you buy, you can sell it on the stock market or you can sell its components. The first option is the quickest, but there are some financial disadvantages, too. The latter is the best from a financial point of view, but it is also the most time-consuming.

There are a lot of factors which you should take into consideration when you calculate the price of your old bike. The most important component is the frame, this being the main determinant of your price. There are three criteria from this point of view, too. You have to take into consideration the material it is made from, its height and its brand. At the same time, its condition is very important, as well as its age and its integrity. It is pretty obvious that a frame which has violent riding trails is worth less than one which is used properly and on optimum conditions. Therefore, protect your frame as much as possible if you intend to sell it.

Also, you have to think about its resistance, which lowers because of the big mechanical stress. Even if your frame is made from carbon, the joints are made from aluminium or other materials which crack in time. The fork is also very important, but so are the other components of your bike.


Source by James M.