1. Do not jump up and down on the board while you're moving. As a matter of fact, do not jump up and down on the board at all. Sure, it's springy and trampoline-like, but it just will not be the same when it snaps into two pieces.

2. Do not ride backwards. It's fun at first; but you'll start to pick up some speed and then things will be terrifying. Especially if you're going down a hill that's next to a cliff and there are not any guard rails. Woo. Hoo.

3. Do not whip out your phone and start texting. One second you're telling your friend what a good time you're having, and the next second you're picking broken pieces of wood out of your body and trying to get your front teeth out of the tree you ran into.

4. While we're on the subject of phones, it's a good idea to not take your phone with you. Leave it in your car; if you fall, then your phone is likely to get broken. Well, maybe you should bring your phone just in case you have an accident. OK, so bringing your phone is optional.

5. Do not tailgate a car, bus, or anything else that has brakes. These vehicles can stop, but you can not. There's a good chance that you'll run into whoever you decide to tailgate if they stop, and it will probably hurt. This rule also means do not go skitchin '

6. Do not ride in front of anything with 4 wheels, either. Just because they have brakes does not mean they're going to be used. Your helmet probably will not keep your head from getting crushed, either. Think of that ad where the watermelon gets broken because it did not wear a helmet.

7. Do not ride when it's wet! Longboarding is lots of fun, but slick pavement is not. Wait at least a day after rain has fallen to skate. If you feel dangerous you can go for it, but I warned you.

8. Do not skate without pads, unless you're just doing some light skating. Anything hardcore needs at least a helmet and some knee pads. Knee pads are great because they transfer sliding energy to the plastic shields instead of your skin.

9. Wear proper shoes! Anything with laces. Do not bomb a hill in your loafers, and definitely do not get on a longboard without shoes. That's just asking to get yourself hurt!

10. Do not skate if you do not feel like it! Longboarding is supposedly to be fun. If you feel like it's a chore to hop on your board and go skate, then you're doing it wrong.

Yea. That's about it. Go skate now.


Source by Raphael Clarke