It is important to remember that not all bikes handle well under the pressure of long distances. Touring motorcycles are usually the best option for this job as they have a number of added features for long distance traveling such as extra weight capabilities and optimum performance.

These bikes also offer more comfort for long distance traveling with their hard flat saddles and knee to leg ratio that does not inhibit position change. These are very important factors to consider when purchasing a touring motorcycle and can greatly influence the quality of your journey.

It is also important to carefully consider your hearing protection. Often people think it is the noise of the exhaust pipe that can cause problems, however the wind can be just as harmful. Helmets should reduce the wind noise, if you choose one that fits your head correctly, and use ear plugs regularly. The earphones are particularly useful in reducing the high pitched tones made between your ears and the helmet.

Once you have acquainted all the appropriate gear, it's time to choose a route. Important factors to consider when deciding on a route is choosing the correct roads, choosing alternate roads and selecting the shortest route. Hilly roads make for wonderful additions to journeys, while narrow roads are not recommended. It is also better to travel on routes that travel on quighter roads instead of roads linking major cities.

Remember to research the rules of the road and signage in different regions and adapt your riding style accordingly. The final necessity for a long distance bike journey is an adequate bike insurance policy from Express Insurance for added peace of mind on the open road.


Source by Ted Caffrey